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The money in sales, is in the follow up. Do you know how many follow up calls a sales representative makes when a lead shows interest in your solution? Well if you guessed 1 or 2, you are right.

  • 50% of sales people only follow up 1 time.
  • 40% of sales people make 2 follow up communications.
  • 10% of sales people makes 3 follow up calls.
  • The rest forget to follow up at all!

Follow up is an essential part of your sales process and most sales representatives forget to make a good effort.

How does leads want to be followed?

People want to be guided in their decision process, they need an expert that can help them solve their problems, they want to be educated and not to have a sales pitch. They need to understand how your solution will help them and trust you before they buy. This is nurturing your leads.

To do this two essential activities in sales you need a sales enablement strategy, methodology and technology. We can help your sales and marketing teams understand  how to make this two techniques come together. You want to leverage your sales pipeline with a cost effective, scalable and repeatable process. And boost them with the right technology through a easy to use CRM.

We will help you with the strategy, the technology, train and coach your team.


What is lead nurturing?

You have come this far, you have attract a lead with all the marketing content you made. They filled up a form in your website, send you a MSM, contacted you in your facebook messenger or even better called you by phone. Your advertising and communication messages made it. But let's get real here, leads have only show a little bit of interest and ...

  • 7% are open to buy but not immediately
  • 30% are interested in your solution but not right now or soon
  • 30% are not interested
  • 30% will never buy from you, they are not real customers for you.

So if you only follow up the 3% that are ready to buy you are losing the rest. You need to make a follow up not only 1 time and now. You need to make nurturing campaigns through a medium and long period of time. You need to help the leads advance in their decision process. Answering all the questions about your solution or even better, how they can solve their problem :

  • Why they need your solution?
  • What does it solves?
  • What are the results of using this solution?
  • What are other options and the results?
  • Why they should buy from you?

This content makes a nurturing campaign  or lead nurturing. We will train your team to make effective nurturing campaigns.

How to nurture your leads.

The nurturing campaigns are made for leads that are not ready to buy. They need more information and trust you before buying. So you need to send them small pieces of content that will help them understand how you can impact and improve solving their issue.

What you are doing here is to build trust based on valuable information that will make you an educator, not a salesperson. This will build trust, position yourself as a trusted expert on your field. Your leads will see you more like a person who wants to help rather a person who is there to sell them something. It's going to make a great sales experience.

Doing this implies to make a database of leads that showed some degree of interest on your solution. This database needs to be treated with respect so people allow you to maintain the communication channels open. If you don't do this you will become a SPAMMER! Becoming the opposite objective you want to achieve.

We help your sales team understand how this works and give them the tools to do this properly.

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Why do you need a CRM?

Ok, here is the issue, if your sales people only remember to follow up one to three times, and if they don't get any response from the lead, they consider it a dead lead. This is not true. So you need to build an infrastructure that will help them record the story of a lead in a timeline. This system is called a CRM or Customer Relationship Management. 

This system helps salespersons to never forget to follow up. It works with automation. When your lead take a kind of action you can automate the response with this technology. Send an email, a notification to the sales rep., a whole nurturing campaign, or change the status of a lead.

Your sales team also will forget to make reports and loose 30% of their time with paperwork. Using this tools will make spend more time selling than reporting. You can also automate all their activity and make a sales dashboard with all the information you need to make better and smart choices based on data.

We can implement a CRM system that will connect to all your systems to record, segment, nurture and follow up your leads with a strategy behind not just a tool.




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