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Email Marketing

Email Marketing, Does it Work?

We all know it's all about social networks these days. And as consumers, we all turn to web pages to find information on what we need and to buy it. That's why when we hear about email marketing we get a little surprised, since we think that it doesn't work, that nobody likes to receive emails from companies. However, it's not about discarding the tool completely, it's about learning how to use it. In this article we will learn when is email marketing done well and when it's not.

Mailing Campaigns to Sell my Product

Mailing campaigns designed to sell something are very effective tools that companies can use to:...

Email Marketing: The Perfect Solution to Reach Your Clients

Internet and Marketing "If the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the...

How to Avoid Buying Email Lists

Many clients ask us to make campaigns buying email lists. Which is one of the worst ideas. This old...