Audiovisual Production for Marketing: Jingles

by Alejandro Segovia | Jun 12, 2020 10:15:00 AM

Audiovisual production is key for digital marketing. Visitors that come to your site want to watch videos about your company and your products; they look for tutorials, so they can learn how your product works, or they want to get some specific advice. These days more than ever, including audiovisual production for marketing, becomes a priority.

audio production for marketing

Audio Production

At DataBranding, we not only design an whole digital marketing strategy tailored to your company's needs, but we also offer audiovisual production services to support the content that you'll share with your visitors and customers.
We are very proud to have Mr. Alejandro Segovia as our audio producer. He will be the one who, with several blogs, will tell us about:

  • His work
  • The importance of audiovisual production for companies (both for marketing campaigns as well as for any other kind of business events and needs)
  • His professional experience
  • What can you expect when you hire this kind of services

We will be offering information on the matter, based on the interviews that Mr. Segovia gave to us. This time, we'll start with Jingles.

What is a Jingle?

"This question has basically two possible answers.

1. Not that long ago, the only answer that was given was this: A jingle is a commercial that you sing, in other words, it offers the same content that a commercial does, but in the form of music, with lyrics, with a melody. This is what helps customers remember the brand or product. This version still works and many companies still use it.

2. There's the other answer to this question which is: It doesn't have to be sung, it can be music only. It must also meet the same goals of helping customers remember your brand, of being pleasant music that people will enjoy listening to for as long as it lasts.

The goal of both answers is the same, it should help people remember it, remember your product. Once piece of music is associated with a brand, that's when the perfect circle is closed, since we won't even have to mention the name of the brand in order to sell it.


For example, in the 1970s, there was a campaign in Mexico City to get people to collect their garbage, since there was a lots of it on the streets. A commercial was made that had a tune that said 'ponga la basura en su lugar' (put the garbage in its place). People understood the message and received it after listening to this jingle a couple of times. This jingle was made for a social campaign. Later on, since the melody was already selling the text, there was no need to add any lyrics to it, the music sold the message itself.

A more recent example would be the one of Muebles América (furniture store), a client of mine for 25 years. It goes like this: 'Muebles América, donde pagas poco y llevas mucho' (Muebles América, where you pay little and buy a lot). With such short compasses, with such a short jingle, the brand got sold! What happens today is that, by only playing the music, the brand sells... there's no need fo the lyrics anymore! People recognize it.

So a Jingle can be both a sung commercial, as well as music that reminds customers of your brand."

Auditory Logo

Aside from the jingle, you can also create an auditory logo. In Mr. Segovia's words:

"The cherry on top of the cake would be to have a auditory logo, also called audio branding, which is the same as identifying a brand with a sound. For example, is a company asks for one, I can create a few notes to match the company's corporate image. An auditory logo meets the same goal of a graphic logo, only that it reminds your customers of your brand when they listen to it.


It's like... when you see the logo of Intel, its graphic design, and then remove the words 'Intel' from it. You'd still recognize it just by looking at the design! Why? Because the brand already positioned itself well.

Something very similar happens with audio, I'll go back to the example of my client, Muebles América. They have another furniture store called Viu. We made an auditory logo for them: 'Tienes que ver' (You have to see it). Once people learned the musical notes, the company didn't need to mention the brand anymore ... clients knew it was them!

An auditory logo is therefore, very powerful. It is not a jingle per se, since it lacks the structure of music, lyrics, compasses, arrangements, etc., that a jingle has. It's just a group of musical notes that, associated to a brand, can help the client remember it easily".

marketing and audio

In our next blogs we will tell you about:

  • When does it become necessary to create a jingle
  • The benefits that a company gets from having a jingle
  • What a professional audio producer should offer you in terms of creating a jingle
  • The copyright of an audio production
  • Other audio productions (videos, multimedia, records, events, radio / streaming)

Keep reading our blogs so you learn all about audio production for marketing!


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