Does Your Company Need to Have Its Own Jingle?

by Alejandro Segovia | Jun 18, 2020 10:15:00 AM

In our previous blog post, we talked about what a jingle is and how it can help you sell your brand based on remembrance.

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This time we'd like to talk about:

  • Benefits a company gets with a jingle
  • The moment when creating a jingle becomes necessary

Alejandro Segovia, our audio producer, answered these questions during an interview that we now here share with you:

Benefits of Having a Jingle

"The more presence your product has in the market, the easier it'll be for your audience to remember it and look for your brand. What you want is to help your customers link a sound to your brand so that they have it so present, that they no longer even question the quality of the product or other options they may find.

For example, Apple computers use to make a sound when starting them. One would open his Mac and listen to a musical chord. With this sound, not only the user would know that the computer was working but also (and above all!), Apple would be selling the brand to the user. That's how people connect to your brand in a sensory way. This brings a feeling of trust, of knowing that the brand responds.

Another example is Mennen, who did a great job creating an auditory logo. Many versions were created but two of them worked really well, because they built a feeling of trust in the clients:

  • One had the voice of a woman, very tender, very motherly
  • The other had the voice of a man, but a very soft one, almost like a caress

Remembering these auditory logos boosted a feeling of trust and, for example, when a mother went to buy bottles, baby powder or shampoo, she remembered the jingle ... and started singing it! She would be in the supermarket singing "Byyy Mennen" .

This is how a brand grows in its customers and builds remembrance but, above all, a feeling of trust.

The moment when creating a jingle becomes necessary

A company needs this service when its marketing campaigns go from the graphic to the audiovisual media, regardless of platform it uses. That is, one can go from a graphic medium (flyers, spectacular, any kind of graphic material) to an audiovisual medium, regardless of whether it uses traditional (television, radio, billboards) or digital (internet, social media, blogs ...) communication means.

Once sound is involved, this product is needed. It doesn't matter the platform or communication channel that the company chooses to advertise its product or service, nor the time that the company has been in the market; if your company is starting to use audiovisual platforms, you needs this!

Auditory Recall

Audiovisual media allow the dissemination of both audio and video content. And let's not forget that many people are more sensitive to hearing than to seeing. Yes, love at first sight is true and visuals make a great first impact on clients yet, it is with our listening that we recall something better.

The ear is an organ very similar to the nose in terms of being a memory enhancer. All of our memories have a way of being evoked through the sense of smell:

  • The smell of soup can remind us of our mother's house.
  • The smell of a detergent can "bring us back" to granny's house.
  • The same detergent can remind us of school, a memory that perhaps we do not want to have ...
  • The smell of a candy may bring us back to our happy recess time at school.

The nose is the organ that's best for recalling something. Afterwards, we have our listening, since it helps us remember melodies, actions, lullabies, the heart of our mother ... it helps us remember so many things! Sight comes in third place ,and touch is the last. It's hard to reach a customer with the sense of smell, but it's very easy to do it with a sound.

If you want to learn more about Alejandro Segovia's work, click here:


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In our next blog, we'll tell you more about:

  • The services that a jingle producer must be able to offer
  • The things you should keep in mind when hiring an audio producer
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