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by Alicia Fernandez | Dec 30, 2019 10:15:00 AM

internet advertising

Evolution is a natural process of humanity and just like there are biological changes, same happens with what man does. Marketing isn't an exception and must keep up in order to adapt to the constantly changing market conditions.

Actually, advertising is nothing but persuading people and, what it tries persuade them of, is of seeing the qualities and characteristics of a person, brand, product or service.

A little bit of History

We know advertising's had different stages in the history of social and economic development, from bartering to the most modern ways of getting benefits in exchange for a certain value. These days, value means money, but we mustn't forget that prestige is yet another form of retribution.

We can quote some communication historic examples, such as the "Heralds", which were men with a pleasant and eloquent voice -possibly came from Asia- who communicate political, religious, military or economic messages. They sometimes accompanied these messages with music.

In terms of posters, we used to have blank spaces whitewashed with limestone where the announcements were made. They were placed at crowded places and used black and red colors. They were used by those who had power and political candidates, but also worked to broadcast shows.

Advertising these days

With the passing of years, advertising has become more complex and we cannot underestimate it by sticking to simple posters or voice of preachers. Quite the opposite! Advertising these days is a key tool for marketing that keeps constantly evolving.

Internet advertising is nothing but part of this evolution process in which advertising has had to adapt to social changes. The Internet phenomenon is a must if we want to stay updated and have access to a very diverse market, which we can persuade in order to achieve our goals.

There are marketing agencies which focus on Internet advertising since this media is very attractive for companies and entrepreneurs. Why? They can automate a marketing and sales processes to make sure that you not only have website visitors, but also close sales. In addition, they can also measure the number of users who have had access to their advertising strategy.

Getting potential customers to learn more about the qualities, benefits and characteristics of your product or service using the internet is our job. That's why in DataBranding, we have a group of expert advisors who will help you place your brand at the first places of the internet searches.


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