The Best Kept Secret to Close Sales: Lead Management

by Miguel Angel Tolsa Miguel Angel Tolsa | Jun 4, 2019 12:55:43 PM


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Lead Management is the term given to describe a brand's global process of identifying, informing, contacting, qualifying and converting potential customers into sales, taking real-time actions and recovering those contacts that have not become customers yet.

This method combined with the Internet, becomes a powerful weapon to close sales and thus, help companies and institutions grow. The process lasts throughout the whole sales cycle of the contact. It guides each contact who has shown some interest in a product or service that has not yet decided to make their purchase along the buying process. A Lead Management process has an entire Marketing strategy behind.

By using the tools and techniques of contact qualification, the potential client receives information related to what he is interested in and gives him knowledge about his topic of interest. By doing so, he'll decide to buy the product or service in a more informed way. The reactions of the prospect towards that information are also analyzed, allowing the re-qualification of the contacts during the course of the strategy.

Lead Management optimizes investments and generates new sales opportunities. This, together with the possibility of automatically evaluating your campaigns, helps the model contribute in adding a value of measurement and of verification of results. Thanks to Lead Management services, companies can automatically obtain data on the evolution of their campaigns.

The characteristics of Lead Management and its quantifiable objectives make the marketing industry place great trust in the integration of these models in their direct marketing campaigns.

Lead Management helps companies understand what's most interesting to the potential clients of their company. In some cases, your campaign can have a very good strategy, in other cases, this tool can help you improve those campaigns so you can achieve the objectives of your strategy in the short term.

A Lead Management constantly nourishes the potential client with important information about the company and its products or services. That's why it's important for the Lead Management to have information on the product or service of the company so that it can send the right information to the prospects and catch their attention, with the intention of later turning their intention into a sale. If the information given by the Lead Management is not complete or is incorrect, the most likely thing to happen is that the prospect will lose interest and will stop being a prospect for the company.

To get to a Lead Management service you need to have a good Marketing strategy. We recommend hiring a company that can take care of this service, as they will have the experience and knowledge on how to convert a potential client into a sale.

It is a process that begins with a campaign in which information is given to the prospects or potential buyers and guides them until they reach a landing page on the Internet. It's very important that the landing page asks for the right contact information of the prospects, so that the client turns immediately into a contact. Your Lead Management will then have the contact's right information and will be able to give him a follow-up by nurturing it with the appropriate information.

We can help you understand more about how to generate leads for your marketing funnel through our experience making great strategies. Visit the next page to learn more.


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