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by Miguel Angel Tolsa Miguel Angel Tolsa | Apr 20, 2020 11:15:00 AM

inbound marketing

The way we look for information, find, choose and buy products and services has changed. The way we used to do it 10 years ago is just not the same as it is now. This happened because Internet and Google arrived to our lives. The old marketing (outbound) is history!

The old technique of just looking at products or services on television or learning about them on the radio, magazines, newspapers, billboards, etc. has now turned into a complete interaction-with, even before we physically have the product before us.

My co-worker just told me that her son wanted a bicycle. By the time she requested the bike, she already knew the place where it was sold, the different kinds of bikes that there were, as well as different colors and characteristics, and even if they had them in stock! This would have been unimaginable 15 years ago, since we had to go to several stores looking for products that, if we were lucky, we'd find them quickly, if not, we would just settle for the one that was right in front of us, even if it didn't 100% satisfied us. Plus, let's not forget the trauma we faced when, after buying our product, we found it half its price somewhere else.

The New Marketing or Attraction Marketing

  • Is cheaper (reduces costs around a 62%)
  • Has excellent ROI
  • You learn all about your clients, their needs and preferences, since they share them directly with you
  • A win-win relationship is created for not only clients get the information they need but you also educate them on their preferences, likes and needs.

There are almost 50 million Internet users in Mexico. In 2011, the use of smartphones was doubled, which means there are 27 million people who use them and 29% of them buy online.

Wouldn't you like to sell more? Grow your brand? Reach more people? Don't you want a real online store?

inbound marketing


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