5 Reasons to Invest in Marketing

by Paulina Romero H Paulina Romero H | Aug 20, 2020 10:15:00 AM

Do you need to sell more but don't know if you must invest on Marketing? Here are 5 reasons so you learn why you should...

reasons to invest in marketing

Reasons to Invest in Marketing

1. You show your product or service to many more people

This is why marketing exists; to make more people know your company, your products or services. It's useless for you to make an entire investment in a company that you are not going to publicize, and if only your friends and family know it, you are not going to grow as much as it could. If you want to grow big, you must make yourself visible and the only way to have a real impact, is to invest in a good marketing campaign. Yes, it has a cost, but it's part of the cost that you must assume so that your company's sales grow.

2. It's the perfect frame for your word of mouth advertising

Yes, there is no better publicity than "word of mouth". To have a close friend recommend a product to you is the best publicity any company can get, because in the end, one trusts more his friends (who don't want to sell anything to you, but only want you to solve your problem) than a company. All of this is true, so much so that we must make sure that our customers are truly satisfied, otherwise we'd be creating unwanted negative publicity. But, if you want to grow big, frame this good "word of mouth" publicity that you already have within an even bigger campaign, so that the reach is greater. If more people know you, and more people are satisfied with your product, this "word of mouth" recommendation will also be much higher. The idea of ​​investing in marketing is to make your company's sales increase even more than they would with your friends and family recommendations only.

3.- Your brand get well positioned before its industry

Not only will your clients see you, but your company will start to become visible before other companies from the same industry, that is, you will build presence before your clients and before your industry. It will no longer be a small and unknown company since you will have already created a presence and with it, a greater credibility. As customers, we trust more a company that we're familiar with, than one that we've never heard of.

4. You make help your customers remember your product more easily

Based on constantly exposing messages from your company, on getting your clients to see your messages on the streets, on television or on their computers, you will gradually build presence in their minds ... to the point that they can repeat your slogan without even seeing it! Try this: "Because you're worth it" or "Just do it"... You probably know the brand, without us mentioning it.

5. Investing in Marketing costs money, but not doing it can be even more expensive ...

Because finally, what you want is to not loose your investment. Any company requires an investment and part of this investment must include means to make it known to as many people as possible, only then will you have a healthy ROI. Your investment will return once your sales increase. If nobody knows your company, you will lose all of your investment by not selling even the minimum required.

Traditional or Digital Marketing?

Now, what kind of marketing should you do? Traditional marketing (television, radio, billboard, cold calling, brochures ...) has its pros and cons. The same for digital marketing. Everything will depend on the particular needs of your company and the goals of your campaigns.

In our next blog we will try to give a broader answer to this question, follow our blog posts!


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