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attraction marketing

What is attraction marketing? How is it different from traditional marketing? We here we explain it briefly and simply.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is the one we knew before the internet arrived, and which is still used:

  • TV and radio ads
  • Billboards
  • Brochures
  • Cold calling
traditional marketing vs digital marketing

All these efforts of trying to get people know our brand, come to them in an unexpected way, they are not sought after. Nobody watches TV or listens to the radio looking for a commercial, or goes out on the street just to see a billboard. We don't want to receive brochures with information that we don't need, much less receive calls on our phone to have something sold to us something.

This kind of marketing was necessary in the past, since it was the only way we had to make our brand known yet we nowadays have a much more friendly and functional kind of marketing. We no longer have to interrupt our potential customers with unwanted messages, at times when they'd like to be doing something else, like watching a program, listening to a song ...

Attraction Marketing

With the arrival of the Internet, the world of marketing changed, many new doors were opened. This doesn't mean that traditional marketing disappeared, only that there are new and better options.

What is it and how does it work?

digital marketing and sales

Marketing of attraction is the one that, instead of interrupting clients with unwanted messages, seeks to be present with relevant information at all times, so that whenever a client discovers he has a problem and wants to find a solution, he finds you, your company, as his best option.

How will he look for us and find us? On the Internet. As simple as that. Why? Because we now have this great tool so, whenever we have a need, we first inform ourselves with it in order to find a solution. We Google for answers to learn more about the possible solutions that we have.

For example:

  1. I want to buy a console
  2. I Google "kinds of consoles" and from that moment on, I start to inform myself
  3. My buying journey starts on the internet. That's where I inform myself about kinds, prices, brands, games, warranties, that each console has.
  4. Once I have all this information, that is, I've travelled a long road of information, I contact the company I've chosen.
  5. I start communicating with the company in order to ask the few questions I might have left about buying the console.
  6. I buy the console, either online and receive it at home, or in a shop at which I arrive not to start informing myself (like we did in the past) but to directly buy what I already know they have and that will satisfy my particular need.
  7. I stay in touch with the company via online. The company keeps emailing relevant information to me: maintenance tips for my console, updates, new video games...

As we can see, it is not just a new kind of marketing, it is also a new kind of sales. It is about establishing a relationship of trust with the client, thanks to the information (open, complete and within context) that we offer.

We are no longer "selling something" to the clients, we are now giving our advice to them with information, helping them know what's best for them. That's why it's called attraction marketing, because we aren't imposing ourselves, we're attracting our clients by offering them what they're looking for first: information. Selling come second.

Why is it better than traditional marketing?

  • You don't interrupt and annoy your potential buyers, quite the opposite, you are there for them, whenever they look for you, in a way they chose to find you (respecting thus, their time and needs).
  • It's more affordable to build a whole digital marketing strategy than producing big TV commercials and billboards.
  • You can easily measure if a campaign is working or not, while the impact of a traditional marketing strategy is hard and expensive to measure. In other words, you can estimate your company's ROI and take thus, better informed decisions as what to do next, based on data, not speculations.
  • Your marketing and sales teams will be finally working together.
  • Aside from having a marketing strategy that works for today's needs, you'll also be opening a virtual shop, which will be opened to give an answer to your customers 24/7, 365 days a year.

Are Social Networks Attraction/Digital Marketing?

social networks and sales

Last but not least, advertising in networks is not the same as having an entire digital marketing strategy. An attraction marketing strategy includes advertising in social networks as one of its tools, but it is much more than that. If you decide to implement this strategy, we recommend that you talk to specialists so that you don't waste resources (time and money) on an unnecessary learning curve. There are several digital marketing agencies that can help you in many ways, from a simple consultancy service, to working with you throughout your entire campaign.

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