How to Build Trust in Your Clients

by Paulina Romero H Paulina Romero H | Jun 21, 2019 10:05:00 AM

In a previous article, we discussed the reasons why building trust in our clients is a very important part of a Marketing strategy in order to increase your company's sales. On this article, we'll discuss how to do it.

building trust in your clients as a marketing strategy

5 Tips to Build Trust in Your Clients

1. Listen to your client

Sales have changed. Not so many years ago, salesmen had all the information. The client came to a store, totally uninformed, and it was the salesman who spoke and gave the client details about the product or service he was trying to sell, pushing to convince him to buy.

Nowadays, the client is already informed thanks to the internet and the salesman's role is to listen and guide him. The client doesn't want to feel "convinced" by the seller rather, he wants to know he's been listened, since that's the way the salesperson will know about his needs and advise him better. We mustn't try to sell the client anything, we should give advice on what's best for him, according to the needs he's already expressed.

2. Keep a constant communication

A client who knows knows he's been listened, is a client that trusts, since he knows you are there for him, knows that if he has a problem, you will respond, as you always have. Nowadays, with the internet, it is even easier to keep this communication open at all times.

If you use a software to better manage your contacts, your communication with your clients can be kept up to date and they'll know they're being listened. Even if you can't immediately respond to their emails or messages, you can always offer an automated response that will let them know that you have received their message and you will respond as soon as possible.

A CRM allows you to register all the communication history that you have held with each of your contacts so that you can respond to them in a personalized way and thus, strengthen the relationship of trust you want to have with them.

3. Be honest about your company and your product or service

Nobody likes to be lied to in order to buy something that won't work for us or solve our problem. Being honest and speaking the truth, both about your company as well as about what you sell, is always the best way to go. Why if customers leave you when hearing the truth? Let's put it this way: If they are not interested in what you really offer, as you offer it, are they really your customers? The answer is no. They never were or will be.

What you want is to focus your efforts on those clients who are indeed looking for what you offer and not waste time on those who don't match your offer.

By being honest you win:

  • Time, since you invest it only on those who are really interested in what you have to offer, as you offer it, at your price
  • Satisfied clients, which translates into more sales, both from the happy client himself as well as from the friends he'll recommend you to
  • Trust, key for today's sales

4. Acknowledge your mistakes and fix them

We all make mistakes, what we must do in case of any mistake or failure, is to admit it and repair it. Why? Very simple, because this shows your clients that they are not just buying a product, but also, that you are responsible for the proper functioning of it. This is how they'll learn that you are trustworthy, how you become the provider they can trust. Failures aren't what bother us as clients, it bothers us to not have them repaired.

The same happens with errors in your website, in your emails or answers, in the electronic products that you send, such as brochures or ebooks. If someone finds an error and lets us know, we should thank him and repair it immediately. Show that you know how to repair, that you'll respond.

5. Work to constantly improve, to keep them "falling in love" with you

Yes, they already bought from you, they are your customers ... what else? keep making them "fall in love" with you, based on:

  • Premium content. Content that shares even more information about what they are interested in with them. You'll know what they're interested in thanks to their CRM history
  • Your constant work to improve as a company, to continue innovating your product or service.

Remember that your worst enemy is the status quo and that there will always be competition dedicated to innovate what you're already doing. If your customers see that there are new and better options, and that you are somehow stuck, even though they've been your clients for a long time, they'll start buying to your competition. Remember, they're not married to you, what they want is to solve their problem in the best possible way. If you stop being the best option for them, they will leave. Update constantly!

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