Email Marketing, Does it Work?

by Paulina Romero H Paulina Romero H | Oct 8, 2020 10:15:00 AM

We all know it's all about social networks these days. And as consumers, we all turn to web pages to find information on what we need and to buy it. That's why when we hear about email marketing we get a little surprised, since we think that it doesn't work, that nobody likes to receive emails from companies. However, it's not about discarding the tool completely, it's about learning how to use it. In this article we will learn when is email marketing done well and when it's not.

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Email Marketing Gone Wrong

Email marketing is a great tool as long as it is used well. We aren't reinventing the wheel, it's a matter of putting ourselves in the customer's shoes: Do you like to receiving emails that you didn't subscribe to? Do you really become a client of those companies that send non-stop emails, every day, until you get tired of them? No and no.

This kind of mass e-mailing is similar to the traditional marketing's cold calling, which basically consists of calling as many people as possible -whether they're your potential customers or not, whether they're interested in what you offer or not- to offer your services or products to them. As a customer, there's nothing more annoying than receiving these kind of calls. The same goes for emails.

In addition, there's the issue of how companies get these customer's contact information (phone or email). Usually, as a customer, one never subscribed to anything or shared one's contact information for these purposes, therefore, it's much more annoying to be contacted like that, without authorization. This is not how you should run an email marketing campaign. It's not about -illegally?- getting lots of databases with emails from people who aren't authorizing your company to contact them, and still contact them. This is definitely an annoying email marketing campaign that, instead of getting you customers, helps you drive them away from your company.

Email Marketing Done Well

So how do we do it well? Using it as a tool that works under a whole attraction marketing strategy. As a customer, it's very different to receive tons of emails that you never asked for, than to subscribe to pages that you're interested in and to receive good-quality emails and offers, from time to time. It's very different. The former annoy us, the latter we welcome.

How to build a database of clients who are interested in what you offer?

That's the real value of carrying out a whole digital strategy and not just using a single tool, all by itself. A strategy in which you manage to attract your potential customers to your site and gather their contact info - with their consent - makes all the difference! If you follow an Attraction Marketing or Inbound Marketing strategy, all those customers who are interested in what you offer will reach your site and share their contact information with you, in exchange for relevant information or future deals. This is how you'll grow your portfolio of real potential clients and be able to launch future email marketing campaigns that people will appreciate.

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Design a Whole Strategy

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