Google Tips on How to Be #1. Improving SEO

by Miguel Angel Tolsa Miguel Angel Tolsa | Oct 4, 2018 10:00:00 AM

GoogleWeb Master teaches us how to sell better based on our website by doing a better SEO.

The race has already started and it seems that SEO has taken us, Mexico, by surprise. But the institution that does not apply it, runs the risk of not being found, of being forgotten or, worst case scenario, die. In a positive way, we could translate it like this: the company that enters the New Digital Marketing era and uses one of its main characteristics, the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is a candidate fit to get ready to earn more in branding and increase its sales, registrations, purchases or however they call it in its institution.

Many companies and institutions have not even realized that they have to do it. Something comparable to the years in which the Radio began to work. Most of those who decided to "spend" on it, are today's big companies.

For How Long do I have to do SEO?

Always. It is a continuous work. In traditional marketing language, the question is: how long will I have to make publicity efforts so that more people get to know me and thus, I sell more or strengthen my brand?

Who Has to Do it?

Any company or institution: restaurants, producing plants, laboratories, schools, universities, on-line stores, supermarkets, etc...

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