What is Inbound Marketing and Why Does it Work?

by Mauricio Romero Mauricio Romero | Mar 15, 2019 10:44:28 AM


why does inbound marketing work

Inbound Marketing, a term that these days is trend in the marketing jargon. What is it, what does it solve, what are its results and how to start? Discover all this in this article.

inbound methodology

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that brings most of the disciplines of digital marketing together in order to attract, convert, interact with, delight and close customers.

Inbound means to go inwards or incoming. This term relates to marketing because in this strategy, a person who asks a question on the internet arrives to the content of your web page at his/her own will, unlike traditional marketing, in which a great effort is made so that everyone gets to know your brand so, when they have the need to solve their problem, they remember your publicity.


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In other words, traditional marketing is about being in your client's mind so they contact you when they have the need and then, you help them or sell them something. With Inbound Marketing, they approach you, your content right from the moment when they are looking for information.

What is Inbound Marketing for?

1.-To have a presence on the internet

Inbound marketing solves being present on the internet when someone is looking for just for the solution that you happen to have.

If someone asks Google, how do I solve this? Google will show them the answers that you give on your website, blog or social networks in the shape of an article, a video or an audio.

2.- Attract those who are looking for you

This is how you attract prospects and potential clients who are looking for a solution that your company happens to have.

3.- Your clients move forward on their buying decision

This strategy helps people interact with your brand so they move forward on their buying decision.

All of your website's content must be planned in order to educate your prospect so that he can decide if your solution is what works best for him in order to solve his problem.

4.- Helps to create a more human sale, a less invasive one

By showing with your content who can you -or can't you- help with your solution, you focus on a more humane and ethical sale. Also, the prospect better understands the value of what you do, since he's been educated with the content that you offered.

5.- Helps to better manage the whole sales process

To attract clients by answering their questions online is not the only strategy Inbound has. You can also create a sales process strategy, one that adapts to the way that each buyer likes to buy. It's all supported by technology such as a CRM, which helps us keep track of each prospect's steps using AI, Big-Data and marketing automation.

6.- Helps us measure each part of the process and understand the ROI

With the use of technology and an advanced system of statistics and analytics, we can better assess if all the efforts and investments done have been worthwhile and if you've had a profitable return as well.

Results of doing inbound Marketing

Being the first Inbound Marketing agency in Latin America, we have more than 9 years of statistics that show that all the sites that do Inbound Marketing, have a growing trend that increases year after year.

Inbound Marketing results

This means that each year the content has more visits, more conversions, more prospects and more potential customers.

We here share the behavior of two sites that have been analyzed for 4 years so you can see how by carrying out an Inbound Marketing strategy, their numbers began to increase and the trend always increases.

Inbound marketing results

Even in sites that have major content competition, its tendency year after year is to grow. Like this one, which has been measured for 7 years:

results of doing inbound marketing

And this is the result of a site that has been doing Inbound marketing for 1 year:

results of doing inbound marketing

Why does Inbound Marketing work?

It works because the trend is that we no longer expose ourselves to the mass media as we did before and we use search engines, such as Google, to look up for everything.

When a person looks for how to solve something (which means he already has the need for your solution) you show him how your company, solution or product, can solve it better.

People do this voluntarily, without you having to invade their privacy and time.

How do you start doing Inbound Marketing?

The best way is to start with a well-defined strategy that considers the following:

  • Self evaluation.- Define the current state of your business and how would success look like to you in the future so you establish the growth objectives that need to be achieved.
  • Buyer persona.- Understand who you sell to and what problems do you solve for each kind of buyer. This is the basis for creating all the contents.
  • Build the engine.- Put all the tactics into practice when creating your website, social networks, CRM and editorial calendar.
  • Campaigns.- It is the plan for creating monthly content to achieve your goals.

To these 4 steps is what we in DataBranding call a GAME PLAN. It is a master document that contains the strategy and tactics of a whole year.

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Why DataBranding?

As we mentioned before, we are the agency that has the most experience doing Inbound Marketing in Latin America, and with excellent results. In a short period of time, we give great internet exposure to our clients and, the projects that we carry out, always have a favorable return on investment.

Our approach is not right for every business, but we are more than willing to learn about your business so we can discover together if this kind of methodology can actually help it grow. Contact us to start that conversation.

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