Kinds of Traffic in Marketing: Cold, Warm and Hot

by Paulina Romero H Paulina Romero H | Dec 12, 2018 1:00:00 PM

What any marketing agency pretends to do is to attract customers to companies. Their goal is to make the product or service of the company with which they work, known. However, customers have different levels of knowledge about the products and brands that interest them.

marketing cold traffic

Cold Traffic

Total ignorance of your company. This are the prospects who have no idea about what you have to offer. They haven't even turned around to see you. It's not that they like or dislike what you have to offer, you just don't even exist to them. Maybe what you are selling is just what they are looking for but, since you haven't found a way to reach them, goodbye to that sale! This is what we call cold traffic.

How to get these people who are looking at the wrong window turn to see yours?

You have to make yourself present at the right place and time. In order to do this, you need to know more about your ideal client, carry out some preliminary research so you can then find that perfect meeting moment. Who can be interested in your product? What sites do they usually visit and at what time? What questions could they be asking? What solutions can you offer? Work on this information and it will be easier for your to hit the bull's eye rather than trying to hit it by chance, without any strategy.

Warm Traffic

warm traffic marketing

Great, you have already taken the first step and had your target turn around and see you. Now a basic level of knowledge begins. It's like when you meet a man or a woman that you feel attracted to. The you first talk about very general things after all, it is just a first approach. What's this person's name? What does he/she do for a living? Which are his/her hobbies? You do not dig deep, you just talk about the basics. The same is with the warm traffic, it is a first approach.

Handling this "first meeting"

What should be done during this first encounter? What information should we share so we can have a "second date"? How to convert this customer who is getting to know us, into a client who falls in love with us and stays? Give your clients all the information that they ask for. Educate your clients with content that shows the value of your product or service. Make your brand known based on THEIR doubts, on THEIR problem. Offer solutions and be honest about everything: you definitely don't want a future disappointment that will make all your efforts disappear.

hot traffic marketing

Hot Traffic

Now we are talking! You are more than just acquaintances, more than just friends. You client has come to know you in depth and can fully recognize and understand the value of the product or service that you're offering. It is now the time to delight him with all the premium content that you can share so he not only stays with you, but even recommends your brand to other people. You have already passed the getting-to-know-each-other and the flirting stages, it is now time to delight and retain your customers. This is your hot traffic, your most loyal and favorite clients.

Keeping your clients

It is very important to not give your customers for granted. Do NOT assume that once they have met you, they will stay without you regardless of anything else. There can always be new brands and products that may catch their eye. What to do? keep them up to date, both by always offering great quality products and services, and by keeping them falling in love with you with more premium content. Constantly update/optimize what you offer (your product or service) and let people know about it every time you do it.

This marketing process based on the progressive approach to the client, is a key strategy of Inbound Marketing. The information that we offer to our clients, when it's specially designed to give an answer to each question of every moment of the process, is what will finally consolidate our prospects and will turn it all into in sales and recommendations.


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