Marketing and Sales From Home, Part 2

by Paulina Romero H Paulina Romero H | May 8, 2020 10:15:00 AM


marketing and sales from home

In my previous blog, I talked about carrying out a marketing strategy from home. Now, once you've managed to attract visitors to your site and help them learn more about your brand with the content that you've offered to them, what you really want to do is close a sale, right?. It is the reason for any business! How do you do it? How to close the sale online?


Selling Online

Thanks to the internet, this is more possible than ever. Before the internet, if you wanted to close a sale, you had to first attract customers to the physical store (large investment in traditional marketing) and then, once they'd arrived to the store, you had to have a team of salespeople who would take care of these potential clients until they decided to buy something.

With an online strategy, you still have to attract clients to your virtual store and help them with information, but the dynamics are different:

e commerce

This new strategy greatly reduces your costs, both of a physical store as well as in salespeople. It also allows you to establish a much stronger and more permanent business relationship with your clients.

From home

This digital strategy is attractive to both the seller as it is to the client, since it can be done from home.


As long as our clients have a computer, a mobile phone or a tablet at hand, they can browse our company's site and make the purchases they want, without leaving home.

Sales Reps

Your sales force will have the chance to work more on the whole internet sales strategy, rather than being constantly answering the same questions from customers, at the store. What's the strategy? Based on the goals that your company wants to achieve, to:

  • Design with the marketing team, an editorial calendar with the content to be uploaded on the website (according to each kind of customer and their moment of purchase)
  • Schedule processes that automatically lead the customers through a buying journey on the site, which will end with a sale
  • Launch new campaigns and promotions
  • Serving clients who request it

So, yes, you can grow your company from home. You can work with a smart internet attraction marketing strategy and, once customers come to your site, you can accompany them in a marketing / sales process that ends up turning them from visitors into customers.


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