Reasons to Invest on Internet Marketing

by Paulina Romero H Paulina Romero H | Feb 7, 2020 10:00:00 AM

You know that there's nothing like the Internet to carry a successful marketing strategy these days yet you aren't sure why it is so, nor what real benefits you would get from it. Learn more about the reasons that you have to invest in this kind of marketing here.

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Investing on Internet Marketing

Your customers will find you

Those who are already your customers will easily find your site and by doing so, they'll get all the benefits that your website can offer to them, such as:

  • Updated, useful information for them
  • Your company's contact info, office hours, location...
  • A way to communicate with them and help them solve their problems or questions
  • Access to deals and promotions
  • How-to videos that would help them solve doubts regarding the use of your product
  • The opportunity to subscribe to those blogs they're interested in
  • The chance to buy directly at your site, 24/7

This allows you to:

  • Strengthen the commercial relationship you have with them
  • Nurture the trust they've put in your company
  • Keep them buying from you, thanks to this relationship of trust that you've built (more sales)
  • Have them recommend your brand to their friends, thanks to the great customer service that you've provided (word of mouth marketing)
  • Directly sell your product on your webpage, avoiding expenses of a retail store

You get new customers

How do you achieve this?

  1. Your website will offer all the information that every visitor may need.
  2. Internet search engines (such as Google) will offer this information to their users whenever they ask questions that can be answered with the information found on your site.
  3. Google users, who weren't specifically looking for you (they were just looking for an answer), will find your site and visit it. (This is what we call attraction marketing).

It's a very intelligent marketing strategy, since those who arrive at your site will have already segmented themselves by specifically looking for what you offer. It's no longer about massive campaigns which were broadcasted to everyone, even at those who would never be your customers. With this new marketing strategy, you'll create campaigns that will actually reach those people who have high chances of becoming your customers, since they've already shown interest -with their search - in what your offer.

Once they enter your site, you will begin to have a commercial relationship with them. You will be accompanying them all along:

  1. From the beginning, by offering them all the basic information they require
  2. You will then offer more detailed and in-depth information about your company or about your product or service, until they have no more questions
  3. You will then close the purchase (Got new customers!)
  4. Even after closing the deal, you can keep mailing useful information to them every once in a while (so they feel helped and won't forget you!)

Visits to your site will exponentially grow

If your site effectively offers all the information that users can search for, Google will increasingly rank you better on the results that it offers to its users. This will obviously make your site increasingly more visible on the internet. The result? The number of visitors that come to your site will exponentially grow and, if you know how to accompany them throughout their entire buying journey, they will end up turning into customers.

Long story short, under a well thought digital strategy, your site's visits will increasingly grow and so will your sales.

You Marketing and Sales teams will finally work together!

The work gets done as a team:

  • Customers will enter the site thanks to the attractive content that your marketing team will have designed (and will successfully rank your site on the Internet- make you more visible).
  • Once these visitors have received enough information and are ready to buy from you, your sales team will enter in the picture to close the sale.

All of this gets done in a very effective way, based on automated and personalized procedures so that each kind of customer can be fully cared for. This is achieved by using a software that's been specifically designed for what we call Attraction Marketing or Inbound Marketing.

You create / grow your contacts database

Visitors who ask for more information on your site, will have to share their email with you so that you can email this information they've requested to them. This is how your CRM will register these visitors (both their contact info as well as the path they've followed on your site).

This is how your contacts database will increasingly grow. This database will allow you to:

  • Launch custom marketing campaigns
  • Keep in touch with your customers
  • Evaluate the follow-up that your sales teams have given to each customer

The Strategy

In short, it's all about taking advantage of the benefits that technology has to offer so that you create smart, segmented, non-intrusive campaigns and thus, exponentially increase your sales.

Design a whole strategy, one that will:

  • Take your company's sales plan into account
  • Have the content that you'll offer on your site match your sales goals
  • Allow you to evaluate the success of your campaigns (in time to make modifications when necessary)
  • Increase your company's ROI

Ask for the advice of a specialized digital marketing agency so that you can create a successful strategy and reduce the costs (both of time and resources) that a learning curve implies.

You may ask this agency for:

  • A simple getting started consultancy service
  • Design the strategy with the agency and have the agency train your marketing and sales teams so that they can carry the strategy out
  • Work with the agency along the whole project/campaign

Start as soon as possible, technology moves fast and time is key for the success of these strategies.


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