Selling in Isolation Times: Don't let COVID-19 Ruin your Business!

by Paulina Romero H Paulina Romero H | Apr 7, 2020 10:15:00 AM


selling during covid pandemic

We know that health is the most important issue today and we 100% support staying at home to avoid more infections yet, we also know that the impact that this isolation will have on the economy will be quite meaningful. This is why we here try to explore possible options to overcome this situation. We look for ways to continue working from home, as well as to continue selling from home.


How can we keep on working/selling?


You Don't Have to Reinvent the Wheel!

Lucky for us, we already have the tools and strategies needed, which many companies have already taken advantage of, even before isolation times! Many companies have carried out their Digital Transformation long before the pandemic and are now enjoying the benefits of marketing and selling online. But it's never too late to join this digital trend!

There's never been a better time to adopt an internet marketing and sales strategy that actually works. We are all at home and our means of communication par excellence is the internet. And that's where your company can be present! Yes, you can gain a presence right where we're all connected these days... more than we've ever been!

And what's more, once this isolation is over and we are back on the streets, your strategy will continue to work, which means that:

  • You will continue to have a presence on the internet
  • You will already have established an online business relationship with your customers
  • Sales will continue to exponentially grow

Getting Started

1. First of all, you need to plan your strategy (build a Game Plan) according to the goals you want to achieve and the resources (financial and human) that you have.

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2. You must also decide what is it you want to do, marketing and sales or just sales.

3. The next thing we recommend doing is to create an active website, a site that not only offers information, but works for both attraction marketing and sales. In other words, a website that:

  • Offers constant publications
  • Can be found by Google so its offered as one of the best online answers. This will help you attract people who are already looking for what you offer online.
  • Starts and keeps an open communication with visitors, prospects and clients
  • Re-publish your content on social networks (this is how these followers that you have on social networks will be redirected to your site)
  • Have a CRM to manage your contacts and segment them according to their interests (so you can activate future marketing campaigns according to each segment)

4. Create your online catalog to start selling A.S.A.P! Your goal in this time of isolation is enabling a platform so that your customers can buy online, without having to leave home. This option allows them to buy from you 24/7! In addition to creating a catalog, you'll also need to set an electronic payment method and a delivery service.

What if You Only Use Social Networks?

Yes, you can open a group on social networks and post there only, but this page will only reach those who decide to follow you, and will not help you register your customers' data, preventing you from growing your database and from being able to use it in future campaigns. Networks are an amazing tool, but they can be used much more efficiently if they are part of a larger strategy, based on a strategic website.

What Happens When Isolation is Over?

All the efforts that you've made will begin to pay off, since your website won't disappear (unless you decide otherwise) and it will be increasingly nourished with information and will thus, attract more visitors. That's when the strategy will truly start to exponentially grow and so will your company's ROI.

In other words, while you'll be able to start selling right away with your online catalog, you will also be slowly nourishing your site with increasingly more useful information. This will help you get well ranked by Google, which means that you'll be able to reach those visitors who had never heard from you before but were searching the internet for what you have to offer.

So, not only you'll be selling online to those who are already know you and visit your company's site on purpose, but you'll also be attracting and selling to new customers.

Don't wait any longer! This is a strategy that solves your sales problem now and that will also continue to exponentially increase your sales once isolation is over.

It is a win-win situation!

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