What is E-commerce?

by Paulina Romero H Paulina Romero H | Oct 11, 2019 10:00:00 AM



We never imagined the reach that Internet would have. At the beginning, we would barely find some basic information, we mostly used it as a communication mean by sending and receiving emails. These days, just a few years later from that scenario, the information found online and the progress of Internet has grown so much, that:

  • Social networks turned into a communication revolution (kept among friends and acquaintances, as well as with personalities and companies)
  • We can work from home (home office)
  • Standing out as "first result" in search engines, requires a whole strategy
  • There's no company that wouldn't consider having a website as a must. In either format:
    • To at least be online with basic information about the company, some sort of informational electronic brochure
    • To use it as a whole marketing and sales tool, that is, to make a real profit out of it
  • There are companies that now only sell their products online, they have no physical stores. Other companies who do have stores, have seen their sales decrease due to e-commerce

Yes, the world became a different one once internet arrived. You can be locked inside your home 24/7 and still:

  • Keep in touch with your friends (no phone needed)
  • Stay well informed (without buying newspaper)
  • Work from home
  • Make online purchases online
  • Order your meals with a home delivery app
  • Watch movies, series, documentaries of your choice (with no commercials)
  • Have access to a whole world of songs (without having a single disc or CD).

In short, Internet has opened a thousand doors from a single portal: your screen.

Now, among the many doors that Internet has opened, we'll this time focus on what is electronic commerce or e-commerce.


You don't have time to go to the store to buy the dress that you need for an event? Are you looking for a book and it is easier to find it online? Would you rather avoid traffic and wait comfortably for that backpack you bought online to arrive at your door? You are not the only one! We are all increasingly saving time (and the effort invested in making a purchase) by using the internet.

E-commerce is what we call all those transactions/selling of services and products that take place at online stores. The offer is there, at a single portal, and what's more, clients can filter their searches so that, in a matter of seconds, they find that specific product that they're looking for. In addition, with just a click, they can find:

  • Details of your product or service
  • Other buyer's reviews
  • Price of the item and shipment costs
  • Return policy
  • Guarantee of the product or service
  • Payment options (which can also be done online)

4 Kinds of E-commerce

In other words, you no longer need to leave home to buy something. And this new e-shop option can be applied to:

B2C- Business to Consumer

When a business sells a product or service to a consumer. For example, The Gap selling clothes directly online, from its website.

B2B- Business to Business

When a business offers its product or service to another business. For example, a digital marketing agency that offers its service to a company.

C2B- Consumer to Business

When a consumer offers his services to a business, for example, an influencer who recommends the products of the companies that hired him/her to do so.

C2C- Consumer to Consumer

When the sale is made among consumers, without any company involved. For example, transactions that are made on e-bay among users.

As you can see, e-commerce opens up a world of buying and selling possibilities and many different ways of doing business and working together. You can offer all kinds of products or services and, the exchange that can be done between individuals and businesses, finds many different ways to actually happen.

Digital Sales and Marketing

Now, you can "open" your virtual store by creating a website but, that action alone won't completely solve your marketing and selling problems. You'd still need to have:

  • A whole digital marketing strategy
  • A strategic sales plan to guide that marketing strategy
  • Analysis tools to measure the success of your internet campaigns
  • A software that would help you:
    • Keep a direct communication with your clients
    • Automate the services that you'll give them along their buying journey on your website

If you'd like to learn more about a whole Digital Marketing and Sales Strategy, one that would help you make the most out of your website, contact us, we're happy to:

  • Give you a consultancy service
  • Train your marketing and sales teams so they design and carry out their digital marketing campaigns
  • Work with you along your whole campaigns

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