75% of the Buying Decisions in Mexico are Taken Online

by Mauricio Romero Mauricio Romero | Apr 16, 2019 11:00:00 AM

selling onlineThe whole difference between successfully selling something online or not, relies on creating a site with a lot of information. You may ask why. Around a 55-75% of the purchasing decision process of Mexicans is taken based on the information offered on a website.

Once they show interest towards a product or service, they check who offers it (company) and what deal suits them better. Only then do they contact the company or look for a sales representative.

The question that follows is, how do we become one of the chosen companies? In order to give an answer to this, we must first find out:

  • How do people look for our services or products online?
  • What information process moves them toward a buying decision?
  • Why is a website more important than any other means?
  1. We all look for information online. 50% of Mexicans have access to internet and they all use it to find the information that would solve their problems or needs.
  2. Google recommends sites that offer lots of information. 96% of Mexicans use Google as their main search engine. Which is why, we should try to follow its recommendations so when someone happens to be looking for the product or service that we offer, Google shows them our webpage at the very top of its answers' list. That's why I recommend building sites with a lot of information, and by a lot of information I don't mean sites that offer a 10-pages online brochure, I mean sites that host more than 60 pages onwards. Google likes to recommend very robust sites. How robust? There are sites that have around two thousand pages of information on what the company does. These sites are already candidates to be recommended more easily by Google.
  3. Potential clients think they know what they need. When clients are looking for something online, they already have an idea of what they need. Since they aren't experts on our product or service, they may have developed a criteria that isn't accurate enough to make a good decision. The only way to help them do this the right way, is by offering them lots of information always keeping in mind that you are trying to help them solve their problem or need, no trying to SELL something to them for the sake of selling. This is of course how things are handled at the beginning of the clients' buying process. They will later on get more interested and involved and, at the right time, they'll become buyers.
  4. If we want to compete these days, we need to develop a different commercial concept. The way to show our clients how we are different from the rest, is by creating material that shows the concept of our company and the services that we specifically offer to the kind of client that we want to attract. This will help them feel identified with our brand and we'll be creating useful material that will indeed help clients solve their problem.
  5. If we want to sell online, we first need to guide our customers. Our company must guide prospects that have shown interest with the help of the information that we offer on our website and afterwards, with nurturing campaigns that offer even more information. If clients get involved enough, the sale will eventually happen. This is the new job of sales teams, to involve clients with information.

Let's give an example. Suppose a person has a dog that hasn't been trained and the dog always pees on the house's carpet. The first thing the owner does is take his cell phone and Google "How to train your dog so it pees outside". Results are displayed and this person gets interested in an article that says:

"3 easy steps to train your dog to pee outside"

In that same article, the owner gets offered even more material. In exchange of this material, he voluntarily shares his email address so he gets sent even more information on the subject. This is how a nurturing campaign gets started and the sales department job is to guide this client based on his needs.

We help him discover which other aspects can be improved regarding his pet through email communication and the material that is shown on our site (we recommend building a site with a technological platform that gives information on when and where does a client return to our site). By doing so, we are advising our client and discovering what his need is. When a client is finally involved and already has enough information, that's when we can offer him our product and service, that's when he'll be more ready to buy from us.

As you can see, selling something online is very different from the way we used to sell in the past, since the habits of consumers have changed. We must educate our client with lots of material, guide him along his buying process so that he can make good decisions and be convinced about us being the best option for him.

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