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by Paulina Romero H Paulina Romero H | Sep 13, 2019 12:00:00 PM

We know traditional advertising well: television, radio, press, billboards. We also know that launching such a campaign is very (very!) expensive. Usually, only big companies can afford to pay for the production of this advertising as well as for its broadcasting.

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Now, few of us know in depth what internet advertising is. We've seen ads online, of course we have! We are also familiar with some social media business pages where they advertise their products, of course we are! We have even bought a product or two online. But ... do we really know the real benefits that these tools offer? Here we share some of the benefits that a well-done internet advertising campaign can bring to your company:

5 Benefits of Internet Advertising

1. It's less expensive than traditional marketing

As we've mentioned before, traditional advertising is very expensive, both because of:

  • the production costs of the ads
  • the broadcasting costs of these ads since, if you are already going to invest on their production, you will definitely want to be present in those channels that people actually see/hear, which, for that very reason, are usually the most expensive ones. Advertising placed on sites that nobody sees only means a loss of the investment made.

You want to be where people are and that of course, costs money. And it costs so much that only big companies (think of tv ads and billboards that you've seen: Coke, Nike, Nestlé...) can afford.

On the other hand, while internet advertising also implies some investment, what you invest is a whole lot less than what you'd invest on traditional media.

  • In terms of designing and producing content (videos, infographics, podcasts, ebooks, blogs...) there is a cost alright, but there are many digital tools that would make their production less expensive than having them done by a professional producer.
  • As for the broadcasting channels, that's where the big difference is. If you do your job well, within a whole strategy that considers the Google algorithm, that is, that you optimize your content so that the internet search engines find you (SEO), the costs of broadcasting your message are low. We won't say they're free, since there's publication work that has to be constantly done and that it obviously implies costs but, if your strategy is well carried out, Google will not charge you for offering your page within its “best results ". (If you want to pay to be offered at the top of the search answers, you can also do it, those are the so-called Google ads, but we want to focus on the benefit of being able to be broadcasted there, without having to directly pay to Google).

2. You have an open store, 24/7

People look for a solution to the problem that they have at the time that they need it most, regardless of the opening hours of commercial stores. For example, if they want to learn more about buying a video game console, before they visit any store (if they indeed buy from the store and not online), they will check it online first. At any time, any day. It may be on an early Sunday morning or on a Wednesday midnight, since it might be the moment when they have more free time to learn about their best option/solution (or even to learn about what other buyers have to say about it!). You need to have your virtual store open for them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

And yes, you can do it without having to:

  • Hire more direct salespeople
  • Pay for extra rent, electricity, telephone bills...

Your website is your answer! It's never closed! All the information will be available there so that customers have the answer that they're looking for at hand, anytime!

3. It opens direct communication channels with your clients

Traditional advertising was broadcasted to customers but didn't listen to them. Clients were only recipients of their messages. Period. We as clients saw these commercials, listened to them on the radio, took that message with us, and that was it.

These days the rules have changed, we now receive the company's messages and thanks to the internet, we can answer back; ask for more information, complain about something related to their product or service, or even congratulate them. In other words, we can now interact with companies. And this is always good, because:

  • If they are positive comments, they help us reinforce what we're doing -and that has proven to be liked by our customers
  • If they are negative comments, they help us identify those things that we need to improve
  • If they're more specific or particular questions, we have the means to give an answer to them and, by doing so, we provide an excellent customer service
  • We establish the bases of communication with customers that will allow us to build a relationship of trust with them.

4. You can analyze the impact of the campaigns

Traditional campaigns can be measured, of course, but measuring their impact is almost as expensive as the campaign itself. Agencies that are dedicated to measuring this impact are hired and their costs are very high. In addition, they're based on statistics and probabilities that always have a possible margin of error. They are approximations only, sort of speaking.

The analysis of the impact of an internet campaigns is 100% accurate and much less expensive. You can constantly evaluate (in real time!) the success -or failure- of your campaigns so that, based on these data, you can redirect efforts towards what is proving to work and abandon what isn't.

5. It doesn't go away

Unlike traditional advertising, at which once your advertising contract expires, it gets removed from its broadcasting media, the contents that you create for your website won't disappear. Ever. In other words, you will be investing in a whole collection of information related to your service, product or company, which will grow over time and, unless you decide to withdraw it, will be permanently on the network, giving an answer to your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Internet Attraction Marketing Strategy VS Using Some Digital Tools

Advertising on the internet is a relatively new concept that still needs to be worked-on more thoroughly. Many people confuse internet tools with Digital Marketing strategy. The benefits that we've mentioned are benefits that you'll get by carrying out a complete Digital Marketing strategy.

Making use of only certain tools (facebook, analytics, emails ...) and not articulating them all within a strategy, won't bring the same benefits that we've mentioned before. Yes, you will be doing some advertising, but it won't have the reach and the potential that a whole digital strategy, one focused on your sales goals, can offer.

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