Educating your Clients with Content, a Key Strategy for Inbound Marketing

by Paulina Romero H Paulina Romero H | Aug 1, 2018 11:54:41 AM


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These days we have all the information we need just a click away from us. What we most value as clients in open, clear, true and honest information.

Inbound Marketing knows how to take advantage of the opportunity that the internet gives in terms of sharing information: We are now able to inform our clients directly and thus, educate them with relevant content regarding our products and services.

When we share our company's content and information properly, and this information is framed within a whole digital marketing strategy, we can say that we have found the key to make our clients fall in love with our company since:

  • Our information is available 24/7
  • Our clients choose to get informed with our content, we are the ones who provide them with the answers that they are looking for.
  • Our clients can get in direct contact with us and hold a personalized company-client relationship with us.
  • We are not intrusive since we do not interrupt their TV shows or radio programs with our content. We do not send lots of useless brochures that end up in the trash either. Rather, we only offer good quality content to those who are actually looking for it.

Educating our client

What do we mean when we say "educating our client"? We are not referring to teaching them good manners, to say thank you and please, of course not. We mean educating as in giving them information about our products or services, as in sharing with them all the information they might need about us.

What for?

  • To establish a trusting relationship with them, based on true and relevant information.
  • To consolidate our clients thanks to the open communication that they can have with our company.
  • To avoid the future misunderstandings, complaints or doubts that a lack of information usually brings.

Strategies to educate our client

  1. Put yourself on their shoes. Empathize. If you were the client, what would you want to know? How would you like to receive this information?
  2. Thoroughly explain your product or service. Don't leave out any details. How would they receive your product? Are there any extra delivery fees? Always mention your prices, payment options, promotions, your and their rights, terms of the guarantee and, most of all, help them understand why your product or service are the best option they'll find in the market. Take advantage of this chance that you have to better inform them about the real value of your brand, about what makes YOU different from others.
  3. Be very specific about the services that your company offers: contact information, schedules, customer service offices (if you have any). Help them feel safe to know that they can reach you in case they need to.
  4. Your content must be clear and true. Be honest with your client. Share your content openly. It is best to explain everything as much as you can, to over-inform rather than leave them with unanswered questions.
  5. Make use of the many resources that we now have to better inform our clients: blog posts, e-books, infographies, podcasts, webinars...

Last but not least...

Constantly evaluate your company. Sometimes our client's complaints or misunderstandings are due to:

  1. A lack of information/education about your services or products
  2. A lack of real improvements that your company needs to make (of your product or service)

Yes, sometimes it is not the client, it is us. Be open to criticize yourself in order to never stop improving.

The good news is that, on both scenarios, the solution to the problem is in your hands:

  1. Improve your content so it informs your client well
  2. Listen to your client's complaints with an open mind so you improve your product or service (or both)

A Comprehensive Inbound Marketing Strategy

Yes, "content is king" within a digital marketing strategy yet, it isn't all. This content must be framed within a more comprehensive strategy. There are many other resources that can be used, as well as many other considerations that have to be taken into account, such as the buyer's journey, your buyer personas, the automation of answers, the way you handle your client's e-mails, extra content that you can offer according to their interests... in short, content IS king but, this king needs a castle, musketeers, horses, and a personal advisor.

DataBranding is an Inbound Marketing company that can help you plan the whole digital marketing strategy that your company needs in order to increase sales.

databranding inbound marketingWe have different options to help you out, depending on your needs and interests. We can go from consultancy and training to working together using a specialized Inbound Marketing software platform that would make the whole process much more effective and easier to handle.

Contact us, we are happy to give you all the information that you need. After all, information is our specialty!

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