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You know you want to market your product or service online but you don't know where to start or what exactly to do. Don't worry! We'll here briefly tell you about the options that you have so that the millions of Internet users who surf the web daily, get to know you.

Here we go!

Paid Advertising

You can pay for people to see your offer:

Google Ads

You pay to have the site of your brand appear as a "best result" within the results of this search engine. It's a very good option so that whoever is actively searching online for what you offer, finds you. The downside to this option is that its price is auction-based, which means that:

  • You will be competing with huge brands that are willing to pay very high prices
  • Its price will constantly increase.

Advertising on You Tube

You pay to produce a short commercial that you will share on YouTube. Yes, millions will see the beginning of the commercial, less will see it in full and (above all) none of these were actually looking to watch your commercial, they wanted to see a video... which you are interrupting. It's similar to the traditional marketing strategy. You will thus invest a lot of resources in unsolicited and non-targeted advertising.

Social Networks

Very good option to market your brand with those who are active on social networks and to get results fast. Of course, when you as a user go to Facebook or Instagram, you're not looking for publicity, you're looking to get in touch with your friends and acquaintances or perhaps, to read about topics that you're interested on, from the pages you've joined. Can you gain clients? Of course! But once again, it's unwanted advertising that you'll be paying for and, as soon as you stop paying for it, it'll disappear.

And yes, there is another way to make your brand visible without having to constantly pay for advertising:

Attracting Clients to Your Site

The results of this strategy are less immediate than the previous ones, but they are more permanent. If you want to have many people see your brand right away, this is not your option, any of the above is.

On the contrary, if what you want is to invest your resources wisely, tailoring your campaigns to match your real potential clients, in a way that is less expensive in the long term, this option is for you.

How does it work?

The key is to appear as a Google "best result" without having paying for it. Why do you want this? Because by doing so, whenever your potential customers (those who are actively looking for what you have) ask a search engine such as Google for the service or product that you happen to offer - without them knowing about your company - your company's site will be offered as a best answer and that's how you'll be attracting those clients who are indeed, potential buyers.

They are looking for what you have, and you happen to be right where they're looking for it!

This is how you'll invest (by feeding your site with good-quality content) on those who will be actually be your clients and it is a long-term investment because, as long as your site is there, with updated and relevant information for your visitors, Google won't stop offering your page as a reliable source of answers ... without you paying for it! In the end, it's Google's job to find sites that offer good answers.

Once you have attracted them to your site, your potential customers will start a taking a virtual journey on your website to learn more about your product or service, about your company. Based on automated processes, you will guide them along this journey, offering more relevant information to them.

Ideally, you should also count with the support of a CRM that allows you to manage all those contacts that will enter your page so that you can:

  • Accompany them in a more personalized way,
  • give them a better follow-up,
  • launch future campaigns according to their particular needs.

This journey they'll take on your site will help them get to know you better and establish a relationship of trust with you. This will help them feel more comfortable buying from you and this is how you'll close the sale and win satisfied customers.

Of course, for Google to offer your site as a reliable one, you need to work a lot on your website. That's where you'll be investing on. And it is an investment that you won't lose over time but, on the contrary, it will gradually grow.

That's why this is a long-term option, because it takes time -and a whole well-designed strategy- to constantly feed a website with good-quality content.

A mix of both

Of course, you can also mix strategies. If you urgently need to make yourself visible to millions of Internet users (whether or not they are potential clients) and you can afford this kind of advertising, go ahead!

Now, it doesn't hurt to have a long-term strategy as well, so that whenever you decide to stop paying for advertising, you already have a site strong enough to be offered as a "best result" by Google, without you having to pay for it.


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