Online Stores, the Solution to Keep Selling During Isolation

by Israel Enriquez Israel Enriquez | Apr 17, 2020 10:15:00 AM

In these times we face a contingency that makes us rethink:

  • Some of our business strategies
  • Key positions in our companies
  • And above all, how to close deals if we can't be face to face with our potential clients
selling online

Now, let's start with the key part of this strategy which is: how do we sell if we can't be face to face with our client? In this times, we have to redesign our company, in addition to the employees of the commercial areas of marketing, towards a complete digital transformation: Selling in the digital world.

Make your sales team go out and sell in the digital world

How will you achieve this? We must take into account that an online shop (e-commerce) must consider the following:

  • It's open 24/7
  • All the products and services that your company offers on your site must be always available
  • You must have an easy and varied payment method
  • You must care for your client's personal and bank information
  • Most of all, you must count with personalized attention, at least during the beginning of the project (building the site)

Premium Content for an E-commerce

Taking the aforementioned into account, the online store is only the tip of the iceberg, since a website with an E-commerce, doesn't work much if the site itself doesn't include content that talks about how the solution that you offer could actually help your clients. When it comes to high-specialty products or services, all the more reason to have this specialized content on your site. This will help the positioning of your brand since your online store will rank better in Google WITHOUT HAVING TO PAY FOR IT!

What kind of content do we recommend to have a successful E-commerce?

  1. Blogs that talk about the solution or solutions you offer.
  2. Videos that explain in a graphic and precise way the characteristics of your product or service (tutorials, basic advice and maybe even about maintenance, if applicable).
  3. High definition images, descriptive video, 360 degree view of a product.

We recommend that the content gets published a certain number of times so that the formula gives a faster result and the desired goal is reached in the shortest possible time.

online selling

Remember that the possibilities are open to anyone who is attentive enough to listen the needs of his market and that a negative situation isn't negative for everyone. Get this strategy started and, with a little advice and perseverance, it'll become one of the best options that you'd have ever taken so that:

  • You become visible to your entire target market
  • It makes it easier for them to buy your products or services.

Contact us for specialized advice and help your sales team start selling in the virtual world.

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