Sales and Marketing, a Possible Marriage with Inbound Marketing.

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Two departments of a same company that depend on each other yet, day after day, they usually work separately or in many cases, even blame each other for mistakes that come up. Being such different areas, why should they work together? Can they work together?


Difference Between Marketing and Sales

Let's start by mentioning the differences between the two of them in a very brief, summarized and visual way:

It is true that the objectives, methodology, times and results of both of them are very different. Yet, without a good Marketing strategy, sales will be somehow poor and, having a great Marketing strategy without a sales team that is prepared to close a sale, just won't work either.

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That is, they are both different but they need each other in order to achieve the common goal that they both, as part of a company, have: to close the highest number of sales possible.

Mission Possible: Working Together

What needs to be done so both teams meet their own goals is to work as a team. And how can they do that?

A) Communication. Both teams must agree on a proper communication channel. Two important aspects for good communication:

  • Speak the same language. If theMarketing Team makes use of some words to make reference to its prospects and the Sales Team uses another one, we can expect misunderstandings. It is always best to be very clear about the concepts that they both are going to use so they speak the same language. What's the difference between a visitor, a prospect or a client? What do both teams understand when referring to MQL and SQL? Once both teams agree on the terms that they are going to use in order to communicate, time and resources are saved and misunderstandings are less likely to happen.
  • Both teams should hold a weekly or at least monthly meeting. This meetings are a way of giving room to open communication between them. It is a chance to actually see each other and understand themselves as one big team with a common goal, and not like opponents.

B) Transparency. It is to the benefit of both teams that information and data be shared, that their work be as transparent as possible.

  • The Marketing team needs to know the objectives, needs, processes and goals of the sales team, to adjust/modify their campaigns according to these needs.
  • The same happens with the sales team, because they need to know how the marketing team is working in order to:
    1. Know when they, during the buyer's process, have to do their part
    2. Support the Marketing team with the information they need for preparing their campaigns. In the end, Sales Representatives are the ones who have a more direct contact with clients and know their needs firsthand. If they share this information with the Marketing team, the latter will be able to make more efficient and personalized campaigns, ones that would consider the real needs of the clients.

C) Work with the same funnel in order to agree on when should a client be sent from Marketing to Sales. There is a point in this funnel where the Marketing Leads (MQL) turn into Sales Leads (SQL). Both teams need to be informed and agree on the criteria for their passing from one to the other.


sales and marketing funnel inbound marketing databranding


Automation of sales/marketing communication for the passing of leads.

This process can be carried out in an automated way if you use tools that have been specially designed for Inbound Marketing. When the marketing team has defined the moment in which a lead is ready to be transferred to the sales team, an automatic email is sent to the sales team so they take charge of closing the sale.

This same Inbound Marketing software, offers the sales team the tools they need in order to give their clients a personalized follow-up, as well as to automate communication processes with them.


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