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by Israel Enriquez Israel Enriquez | Oct 29, 2020 12:15:00 PM

Did your marketing agency failed to meet its goals this 2020? The strategy was not adapted to digital media? Did you lose sales for not having an adequate strategy?

digital marketing strategy

For starters, this was a very complicated year. The COVID19 pandemic kept consumers away from business. This affected companies in most industries, to the point that several of them closed a few of their offices and other -smaller ones- had to permanently close their businesses.

What Went Wrong?

Why couldn't your marketing agency adapt to the digital change?

  • Because many of the agencies are not prepared with a digital strategy.
  • Most agencies are not familiar with or don't work with an INBOUND MARKETING strategy.
  • Because they don't have experience with digital media.

Why were companies not prepared?

  • Because companies didn't have a customer attraction strategy.
  • Because they didn't have DIGITAL PRESENCE.
  • Because they hadn't realized that digital transformation is the best way to go to attract prospects, without paying for advertising.

Why didn't your digital strategy work?

  • Because it was based only on Google guidelines.
  • Because your website wasn't working as a lead generator.
  • The strategy was focused on social media marketing or influencer marketing only.

The Solution

All these mistakes can be solved with an Inbound Marketing strategy. Why's that?

Why Inbound Marketing? Because Inbound Marketing is the digital strategy that works based on:

This strategy helps you to better understand:

  • The people your marketing strategy is targeted to.
  • The informational path that your buyers need to follow in order to make a decision.

This is how you'll be able to guide your prospects on your site so that they are converted from visitors into to clients.

Game Plan

The success of a digital strategy relies on having an implementation plan of everything that needs to be done according to the goals and resources of each company, that is, on having a GAME PLAN.

A GAME PLAN allows you to prepare and schedule the work that needs to be done throughout the year, scheduling each activity and creating a strategic editorial calendar for the content that will attract prospects to your site.

At DataBranding, we provide all the services that you may need:

  • Consultancy
  • Training
  • Strategy development
  • Creating your digital marketing strategy 2021
  • Website building
  • Development of a CRM system
  • Different services packages

Contact us so we help you plan your 2021 Digital Marketing Strategy.

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