7 tips for marketing your business

by Mauricio Romero Mauricio Romero | Feb 23, 2022 4:06:29 PM

7 tips for marketing your businessThe first goal of marketing is to attract people to your sales funnel. Therefore, communicating your offer needs an appealing message. Avoid the most common mistakes we have seen many clients make when communicating the benefits of their solution:

Companies invest many resources and money into their marketing and communication presentations and messages. However, after helping many clients improve their messages, we saw that their previous efforts were not very effective. So they start making messages and posting on social media and paid advertising without a strategy behind them.

The seven tips we are going to talk about are part of the foundation of a solid strategy:

1 Understand who is your best customer

Who is your best client? It seems like an easy question, but not everyone can answer it immediately. We tend to communicate with everyone and don't focus on the person we want to attract the most. We need to forget about the concept of one size fits all.

Your solution is not for everyone, and even so, we keep on making messages for everyone. But, of course, your company has good clients, medium average clients, and not so good clients. To generate revenue, we want to attract all of them. But this is a misconception.

You have to concentrate all your communication and messages on the best client you serve. This client ends up being satisfied. Find him by thinking about what client gets the best results and the most significant impact from your solution.

Concentrate all your marketing efforts on just talking to this ideal customer, not anyone else. As a result, you will communicate better with your client and understand how to help him.

2 Talk about their problems, not your stuff

A lot of the communication I see is based on benefits and characteristics, and the companies presentations start with:

  • How experienced you are
  • How big your company is
  • You have been in business for many years
  • Your product has a better spec than the others
  • You are the best and most reliable
  • We have the best prices
  • We have the best service

In these messages, you are talking about you, not about me, so you will quickly lose your audience's attention and not differentiate from the other companies. It would be best if you thought about what motivates your clients. Instead, talk about how you can help them solve a problem they have and how they will feel after overcoming that problem. Imagine two different kinds of sales pitches:

"We are an IT company serving medium to large corporations, we have a footprint in every estate of the US, and we have been in business since 1960, becoming the largest corporation of IT consultants."

This message concentrates only on them, not you, and it isn't self-evident what they do.

Let's try a different approach:

"Clients come to us when they need to secure all their valuable information from cyber attacks. We help them share these data securely between internal and external users, so they can concentrate on their business and not on potential data loss or legal risks."

Which one of the previous messages helps you understand better what the company does? Therefore, if you have any of those problems, you will pay attention immediately.

3 Write down all the questions every customer had asked

The best way to understand your clients' problems is by paying attention to every question they have made. Each question reveals a symptom of their problem and will help you know how they put it in their own words.

This is very helpful because it will show you how they detect they have a problem you solve and how they are searching for a solution on the internet. Therefore you will have a lot to talk about in your content. Also, you will have the beginning of a solid SEO strategy for your website.

Gather all your sales reps and ask them to write down the frequent questions clients ask. You will be amazed at how many topics you will have, for sure more than one hundred.

4 Address with content all the questions

Each question is an opportunity to communicate with a potential client. Each answer will become a marketing and communication message. So try to address every single question they ask in the most unbiased way.

You will make content that will attract, connect and appeal to your potential customers. The answers to those questions will become articles in your business blog, videos in your youtube channel, podcasts, and posts on your social media.

Therefore by doing this, you will end up with a solid communication strategy and lots of material to do great campaigns. Also, you are educating your leads on how you can help them, the result of using your solution, and why you are capable of providing that solution.

Every time they search on Google how to solve this problem, Google will find that you have the answer for that question and will send you tons of visitors. Therefore, we recommend a great article where we explain how Google can send traffic to your website.

5 Always insert a Call to Action in your content

The goal of your messages is to educate and make a call to action. People should know the next step to continue their research and decision process.

We have seen many campaigns that forget this simple principle. The call to action could be:

  • Learn more
  • Download these ebook
  • Fill up this form
  • Call us
  • Visit us

If you think of the next step of your leads, you will end up with a transparent sales process aligned with the decision process of your prospect. This way, you can send the following communication material addressing the next question you know they will make.

6 Promote your content on all platforms

When you have a great message, the right way to reach and attract more people is to promote the same message on different channels. So it would be best if you made a channel mix between paid advertising in traditional channels. Like magazines, radio, and tv. On digital channels like Facebook and Google ads, and free media like social media, youtube, and your blog.

  • You should adapt the content to the format of the channel:
    In your blog, you will write a 600 words article
    In youtube, you will make a 2 min video
    For your podcast, you will talk for about 20 mins
    On social media, you will make an appealing image with the link to your blog

Remember the same message on all the channels with a different format.

7 When leads start to come in, stop talking and listen to them

When a lead comes in, we should listen to their problem and find out if we can help them. But, unfortunately, many salespeople start talking and don't know if the solution fits the situation.This is why we don't like to speak with sales reps.

We want to talk to someone willing to help us solve a problem. We want to speak to the expert that can show us different solutions and explain the different outcomes of each one. We need the guidance of a subject matter expert.

If you listen and try to help, you will not be selling, and the lead will be more open to sharing what is going on in his mind. You will develop trust, which will result in a good decision process and most probably on a sale.

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