How a Lead Generation agency doubles your online performance

by Mauricio Romero Mauricio Romero | Jan 19, 2021 7:45:00 AM

Lead generation agencyGenerating traffic and leads can be one of the most challenging issues that a CEO, VP of marketing or VP of sales can manage for their companies. Most of them  have tried a lot of tactics, invest in software, hired some experts and released some campaigns. With all this efforts you can't get enough number of leads or the quality leads you need to grow your business. That's why you are here, to get some professional help.

Luckily there are agencies that can help you manage this issue and overcome your fears and challenges. In our experience the real agencies that can drive qualified leads with a strategy behind and knowing with tactics and technology can move the needle are Inbound Marketing Agencies. Why? Because there is a methodology behind that can be repeatable and scalable by the marketing and sales teams.

Take a look on how agencies like us can help you double your online performance for lead generation:

Strategy outbound to Inbound

I know that we have been doing marketing and advertising the same way for so many years that understanding that the rules has changed is not easy. But you'll need to change before the situations makes you change. A good Lead Generation Agency should help you understand what has changed and how to play with the new rules of internet.

In a nutshell outbound vs inbound are different in the way you attract people. Traditional marketing (Outbound) tries to make brand, product or solution recognition to almost anyone. You make a message that spreads through all the media channels your wallet can afford, and repeat the message as many times as you can. This will make people recognize your brand and when they need whatever you solve, you'll be in the top of their minds and consider you as a solution.

Inbound marketing is the opposite. When someone needs to solve a problem the first thing they do is ask Google or any other search engine. They get several results and start doing a research to understand everything about the solution.

Instead of being a passive customer that doesn't need right away your service you are attracting active customers that already are looking for a solution, and it might be you.

The agency with your experience  in your field should make a great strategy that will attract tons of people that are looking for your solution right now. And after that, they should point that strategy to the right tactics that will perform to get you leads as if they were one of your sales people.

Always strategy before tactics!


Powerful lead generation tactics

The tactics are all those activities you should perform to attract those qualified leads. You need to have a compelling message that is told in your website. You need to answer all those questions that your leads are looking for in your blog and pillar pages. You need to start conversations with those visitors on your website and social media. When they open a channel of communication like an email you need to educate the lead on how can you help him solve their issue. And after that the natural result is a sale.

On regular basis you will optimize this process day after  day based on analytics and data that will help you take the right choices.

The next topics represent the most reliable tactics you and your agency should perform to get great results:

SEO Optimized for lead generation

SEO is all about appearing on the first page of Google results when a lead is looking for answers. You need to optimize your website to perform better on search engines. They need to understand what kind of information you have and Index or classify that information. The main rules of the best practices are not difficult. If you have the right software and you can tune up some technical information in every page of your website you will do great. 

The challenge here is to understand what people are looking for and how they asks the questions. You can gather this information through analytics and have a great keyword strategy aligned with your potential customer.

Don't rely on paid search advertising. We have a great article that explains how Google works for lead generation. 

Content marketing for lead generation

Content is King!

People ask questions and you have the answers. That is basically a content strategy and a SEO strategy. Keywords are not more than questions. And the answers are your websites' content strategy.

If your website can answer all the questions your leads have you will be a very attractive website for Google. You are helping them deliver great answers to their customers.

Making this content is the difficult part. It's going to be tons of content. Most of the websites only answer from 10 to 15 questions a lead might have, and the reality is that a lead can have up to 200 hundred questions. Just gather your sales team and ask them to write down all the questions they have been asked for.

A good website should have between 200 to 2,000 blog articles or pages in their first 2 years of making content. When you get to this size you become really a great website for Google and it will send you lots of people.

But people consume the content in very different ways depending on their preferences. So most of the content will be written articles, but you need to give them also the information in videos, infographics and podcasts. 

And that content can live in a website page, a blog, a pillar page or a landing page.

Agencies help to  shape all that content, edit it and spread it through email campaigns, social media and the website.

Lead generation website

Your website is the Hub of all the content you have. It is where all your assets live and it should be a lead generation machine. You need to build it with the right tactics and technology. Your content should attract people that are looking your solution, and your website should facilitate start those conversations through content offers that will convert a visitor into a lead. You make this through Call To Actions (CTA), Landing pages and forms.

When a lead fill out a form you will need a CRM that will capture that information and a CMS (Content management system) that will help you process what happens with that information through automated emails, tasks and campaigns.

All this technology will be used by your marketing and sales teams to perform all the propper tactics.

Education content for lead generation

Focus on your audience and understand their needs. In the strategy your agency can help you develop a buyer persona profile and a buyer's journey. These are a representation of your best customer and how they make choices based on information. People in their buying process need to go through a series of answers that are part of a well studied methodology. If they don't have this questions answered buy you, they can't take a decision or consider you as a provider for the solution.

You need to educate them on three stages that involve this three questions:

  • What it solves? Why do I need it?
  • What is the result?
  • Why you?

Your content should be valuable for them and address this questions in the most objective and candid way. This will build the trust you need to do business with them.

These content can be provided in nurturing campaigns. 

Conversational Marketing for lead generation

What you want is to talk with those leads. Conversational marketing is about shortening the process of communication through technology in your website. Like a chat, chat bot or inbox.

Try to use humans behind this technology so you can gather information on how these conversations take place. After that you can automate a chatbot that can do it on non business hours and on your teams vacations. 


If you want to start here is a list of things you should do:

  1. Understand Outbound vs Inbound
  2. Make a buyer persona and a buyer's journey
  3. Gather your sales team and write down all the questions they have been asked by this buyer persona
  4. Make an SEO research to gather more information about these questions and which ones should be answered first
  5. Make a content strategy and a content calendar
  6. Make the content (Written, graphics, video, audio) and content offers
  7. Publish it on your website, blog, pillar pages and landing pages
  8. Promote all your content on social media and be proactive
  9. Start the conversations by converting your visitors into leads through your forms
  10. Nurture your leads with educational content
  11. Start sales conversations
  12. Close tons of deals

Make all this steps and you will have great results. It's a lot of work and you will need the help of qualified and experienced people. You should partner with an agency like us to help you implement all the process.

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