Using a CRM to Increase a Medium and Large Company's Sales

by Paulina Romero H Paulina Romero H | Nov 21, 2018 11:06:00 AM

How can a CRM help you increase your sales? A small house does not require a large foundation, but a large building does. The same goes for business, a small company can give a good follow-up to its customers without the need of a CRM, but a large company -or a medium one with growth plans- will need a stronger foundation to manage its sales process in a more efficient and adequate manner.

crm to increase sales
crm large company increase sales

With a CRM software adapted to the goals and size of your company, you will be able to manage in a much simpler way all of your marketing and sales process. When a company grows, its client portfolio grows as well. It is not the same to manage 20 clients as it is 200. Above all, if you want to give a good follow-up and an excellent service to each client. Maintaining a personalized contact requires a lot of effort and dedication, but it will translate into a greater number of sales in the end.

5 Ways in which a CRM helps you manage your sales process

  • Feed your database more easily. No more formats to fill out, excel pages to constantly update, lost or not updated data. Each time a customer leaves your data on your web page, this information can be automatically registered, freeing your salespeople of unnecessary manual tasks so that they can dedicate themselves to other more valuable tasks as sellers.
  • Automate your sales processes according to your customers purchase stages and interests. A CRM allows you to segment your customers according to their personal interests and their stage of purchasing, with which you can give them a much more personalized follow-up. But not only that, you can automate many of these processes so that sellers focus only on contacting directly those customers who are closest to the purchase, that is, customers who have previously gone through the entire automated sales process.
  • Generate safe and reliable data and statistics. Almost 90% of spreadsheets have errors. Some formulas may be wrong, the information that is manually uploaded may contain errors as well. With inaccurate or incorrect data, you can not have a good strategy. A CRM increases the accuracy of your data and reports. Your salespeople will be able to study which strategies work, which have to be changed, which goals have been reached, which customers to contact directly ... based on correct and accurate data!
  • Document the entire sales process. Which in turn allows you:
    • Have access to the information at all times (both salesmen and managers) and monitor thus, the whole sales process
    • Make the process accessible to new sellers, which allows your company to own the process, not your employees. In other words, if you have to make staff changes, the process stays registered in your company's CRM, it won't get lost when employees leave. Plus, it will be easier for new employees to just give the process a follow-up, instead of starting all over again.
  • It offers the whole picture. A CRM lets you to see the whole picture of the situation that you have with each of your clients. By centralizing all the information in one place, you do not need to be informing yourself "in pieces" since you have all the information in one place; from their first contact and their information, to each and every one of the interactions that they've had with your company.

How does all this turn into sales?

Your clients will know they are listened to and cared for so they will trust you and your quick responses more. In other words, managing the relationship with your clients well allows you to create trust in them and establish a more solid and lasting relationship. Thanks to this, you will not only be their trusted supplier, ensuring thus all your sales (present and future) with them, but you will also get recommended by them to other potential clients.

A satisfied customer stays with you and brings you closer to more customers. Manage each of the relationships you have with your customers in an effective way and make your company grow based on the recognition and value that your customers give to what you do.

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