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by Paulina Romero H Paulina Romero H | Aug 14, 2018 9:00:00 AM


Inbound Marketing increase company's ROI


Let's face it, regardless of how much we like our company, of how much enthusiasm we put into its growth, if we do not have a strategy that effectively makes all that effort and all that time and money invested on it, translate into real economic gains, it will be very difficult for it to grow as a business.



So, if what you want is to see all of the effort, enthusiasm, and investments that you have put in your business to be reflected in numbers ($$$$), then you need an intelligent strategy to help you achieve it. So, let's start at the beginning:

What is ROI?

ROI stands for Return on Investment, which translates to the profit that you make in the end, after having invested money on something. You would of course, what this profit to be larger than the amount that you invested, multiplied if possible.

How to Get your Company's ROI Grow Exponentially?

First you have to choose an intelligent marketing strategy, one that does not make you invest a lot but that does translate into profits. Sounds impossible to you? Maybe it was, a couple of years ago, but not anymore.

Today, more than ever, thanks to this digital marketing strategy called Inbound Marketing, it is easier to increase the ROI of your company.

How is this possible?

New technologies, the internet, email, the massive growth of media and social networks, have transformed the world. Marketing has not been left behind from this digital revolution.

For Outbound Marketing, all this technological changes meant great losses. Their means of advertising (TV, radio, billboards, phone calls that the customer does not want to receive) were suddenly were put aside by the customer, since what they truly use today in order to entertain themselves, to learn about something and/or to buy, in the internet.

This is where Inbound Marketing shows itself as the marketing strategy that can increase a company's ROI. Instead of paddling against the current with expensive, intrusive and somehow obsolete advertising (Who likes being interrupted by TV commercials? Who is grateful for unwanted calls?), Inbound Marketing uses this new current in its favor, navigating along with the client, not in spite of the client. And with a significantly lower investment!

Increasing a Company's ROI with Inbound Marketing

Traditional Outbound Marketing methods are so expensive that, in the end, what a company makes, compared to how much money was invested on publicity, is not as much as ir should be. Plus, it targets "everyone" which means "no one" -in particular- and almos all clients get tired of their intrusive methods.

  • Tv commercials are very expensive and increasingly less seen by clients (Paid TV with no commercials, zapping...)
  • Same situation with the radio
  • Billboards? A huge investment hoping "someone" will see them... although we really don't know who "this someone" will be (and from those who do see it, just some might be interested in our product)
  • Unwanted phone calls? Hire someone who makes this calls 24/7 to offer your product or service. Does it sound cheap? Keep in ind that people will be getting unwanted calls and probably get tired of you.

We all can see how this strategy where a company invests lots of money trying to reach no one in particular might not mean the best option in order to increase a company's ROI. This kind of marketing puts a lot of time and money into aimlessly try to reach customers, hoping that one in... how many? will end up being interested in the company's product. In short, you'd be investing lots of resources blindly, with no clear strategy. No thanks, you are here to make money.

On the other hand, Inbound Marketing takes advantage of what the customer is already looking for when buying something: online information. The client is in fact looking for a product and you just have to be there to be the answer that he is literally looking for. And while investing in a good Inbound Marketing campaign can be expensive, it will never be as expensive as any traditional Outbound Marketing campaign.

To sum things up:

Outbound Marketing:
Crazy Expensive+Against the current+No Strategy= poor ROI

Inbound Marketing:
Affordable within reason+Navigates along the client's interest+Measurable Strategy*= High ROI


Which one would you choose?


*On the Inbound Marketing Strategy

Databranding Inbound Marketing

When we state that Inbound Marketing has a strategy that betters -and by far- Outbound Marketing's, we are basing this affirmation on the following about Inbound Marketing:

  • It is more personalized, since it offers content according to the type of client, to its own interest.
  • It feeds the interest that the client already has, that is, it provides the customer with what he/she is looking for (is not intruding at all).
  • It responds to each customer's exploration stage on your product or service. There is information for those who want the big picture and more specific content for those who want to know more, who might be closer to buying.
  • It uses a "smarketing" methodology: The Sales and the marketing team come together. Yes, it is possible with Inbound Marketing. This strategy helps:
    • Detecting "suspects" who are not clients (and save time not working with them rather focusing on real clients only)
    • The Marketing Team sends lead to the Sales Team only when they are ready to buy, which means that losses that usually take place at this moment, are reduced.
  • All the strategy is measurable. Yes, you can know for sure how many customers are interested in your content and how many of them, are actually interested on your company's products or services.

As you can see, a company's ROI can exponentially grow with an Inbound Marketing Strategy thanks to it's affordable cost (specially when compared to the Outbound Marketing campaigns high cost) and the high number of sales that it closes thanks to its focalized, intelligent and personalized strategy.



databranding inbound marketing

We, at Databranding, have seen this exponential growth in the company's that we work with. We can share some of these results with you. Contact us to know more about:

  • The Inbound Marketing strategy that we work with
  • The different options and solutions that we have, depending on your company's needs. From consultancy to working together making use of a specialized Inbound Marketing software (which makes the whole process, a much easier task to achieve).

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